Celebrity Death Pool is a game where players compete for cash winnings by picking twenty famous people from various fields. Players subtract the celebrity’s age from 100 to determine the points and bonus points are awarded for certain deaths.

The goal of the game is to increase the chances of winning, which is done by opting for older celebrities. Before playing, the rules, point system, and betting arrangements should be established to ensure fairness.

The game is becoming increasingly popular among families and friends as an entertaining way to compete for bragging rights and extend our fixation with celebrity news.

This article will discuss the game mechanics, strategies, and the game’s popularity.

Game Mechanics

Game mechanics involve determining the number of celebrities to pick, the duration of the game, a scoring system, bonus points, and a betting system.

Most online games require the selection of 20 celebrities, with a game duration of one calendar year from January 1st to December 31st.

The scoring system usually subtracts the celebrity’s age from 100, with bonus points for deaths related to COVID-19 or on specific dates.

Betting and buy-in are also part of the game mechanics, with complex payout structures and multiple rounds of prizes.

This requires clear rules and guidelines to be established before operating a death pool.


Selecting individuals strategically based on a bonus point system can increase the likelihood of winning a death pool contest.

Bonus points can be awarded for various circumstances such as COVID-19 deaths or deaths on specific dates, making certain individuals more desirable to pick.

Game participants should consider the age of a celebrity when determining the maximum points and likelihood of dying. Younger celebrities may be less likely to die, but older celebrities may offer more points while also having a higher chance of dying.

It is important to understand the bonus point system and use it to one’s advantage when selecting celebrities.

Furthermore, understanding the age of the celebrity and the likelihood of death should be taken into account when selecting celebrities.


Death pools have become popular among families and friends as a year-long contest for bragging rights and cash winnings. It is an extension of our obsession with celebrity news and can be seen as a morbid game of chance.

Participants are tasked with selecting celebrities to include in their pool and betting on which celebrities will die in the duration of the game. The pool can include famous individuals from various fields, such as actors, musicians, politicians, and more, and the Notable Names Database or other lists can be used to determine celebrity status. However, famous animals are excluded.

The game mechanics involve number of celebrities to pick, duration of the game, scoring system, bonus points, and complex payout structures. Strategies of selecting celebrities based on bonus points are also employed to maximize points and the likelihood of winning. The clear rules, point system, and betting arrangements must be established before operating a death pool.

All in all, death pools provide a platform for family and friends to engage in a unique game and potentially win cash prizes.