March Madness is a highly anticipated annual NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament that begins on March 14th. As millions of Americans tune in, billions of dollars are wagered on the games. Some of the most popular teams to bet on are the Kansas Jayhawks, Gonzaga, Arizona, Baylor, Kansas, Alabama, UCLA, Purdue, and Houston.

To add to the excitement of the tournament, funny March Madness bracket names are used to add fun to the competition. Generally, these names are inspired by a team, player, or coach, and often make use of puns.

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Puns and Inspiration

Puns are a popular choice for funny March Madness bracket names, often inspired by teams, players, or coaches participating in the tournament. These puns provide a lighthearted way to add fun to the competition.

It is recommended to pick a team, player, or coach as inspiration for the bracket name. Puns are not the only choice, however, as some may opt for clever word play or other humorous ideas to make the bracket stand out.

Scrolling through a favorite team’s roster can also provide plenty of ideas for punny bracket names. Even if the bracket picks don’t win, the funny name may help provide a consolation prize.

Other Betting Topics

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