Casinos offer free items known as comps to customers, which can range from free drinks and parking to lounge access and accommodations. Achieving these comps requires dedication, money, and strategy. Understanding the requirements for each tier of loyalty program is necessary to maximize the benefits.

This article will explore the types of comps that casinos offer, the loyalty programs associated with them, and how to strategize to get the most out of the casino’s loyalty program.

What are Comps?

Comps are free items provided by casinos to customers as a reward for their patronage. These can range from small items such as free cocktails and comped parking, to large incentives for high rollers and loyal customers.

The types of comps a customer can receive are determined by factors such as game choice, bet amount, play duration, and loyalty. Many casinos have loyalty programs which offer tiered rewards, with higher tiers offering more valuable comps.

Examples of comps include:

  • Comped cocktails
  • Free parking
  • Lounges
  • Valet parking
  • Hotel stays
  • High roller lounge access
  • RFB (room, food, and beverage)
  • Airfare
  • Limo rides
  • Show tickets
  • Concierge service
  • Private accommodations

Casino loyalty programs track comps through players’ cards and computerized systems, and use Average Daily Theoretical Loss to set comp tiers and payout rates.

Loyalty Programs

Loyalty programs offer tiered incentives for regular gamblers and big spenders. These programs allow players to accumulate points and rewards for their play, and are tracked through players’ cards and computerized systems. For example, Caesar Rewards has tier credits and reward credits to be redeemed for cash back, room, food, and entertainment. TI Players Club offers comped rooms, show tickets, free meals, and exclusive events. The amount required to earn comps varies, with $25,000 in action for second tier (slots) and $50,000 in machines for second tier (video poker). Higher tiers offer more valuable comps, such as airfare, limo rides, and private accommodations.

Comp level Benefits Requirements
Second Tier Free cocktails, comped parking $25,000 in action (slots)
Third Tier Lounges, valet parking $50,000 in machines (video poker)
Seven Stars Hotel stays, high roller access, RFB Approximately 1,230 hours of play (slots)

Strategizing for Comps

Maximizing casino comps requires strategizing to minimize losses and choose the best odds. To receive the most valuable comps, gamblers must bet significantly and regularly. Even with a loyalty program, extravagant freebies are unlikely without substantial play. Therefore, many players strategize to maximize comps by minimizing losses and selecting the best odds. This way, they can get the most out of their money while still receiving comps.

Some strategies include playing low house edge games, using correct basic strategy, and betting the minimum amount. Additionally, casino loyalty programs have become more restrictive, making it even more difficult to receive comps. Therefore, joining a loyalty program may be beneficial for regular gamblers, but one should not expect extravagant rewards without significant spending.