The NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament is known for its Cinderella teams, which are teams that defy the expectations of their seed and manage to defeat higher-seeded opponents. Examples of such upsets are Middle Tennessee’s win over Michigan State in 2016 and UMBC’s win over Virginia in 2018.

Parlays on such teams can be profitable for those in the know. This article will explore the strengths and matchups of potential Cinderella teams for the upcoming March Madness tournament, as well as offer advice on betting opportunities.

Upsets and Parlays

Through successful parlays and upset victories, lower-seeded teams have often defied expectations in the NCAA Men’s Basketball tournament, leading to profitable betting opportunities.

Notable Cinderella upsets include Middle Tennessee over Michigan State in 2016 and St. Peters over Kentucky in 2022. UMBC made history by upsetting Virginia as a no. 16 seed in 2018.

Parlays, which can result in massive payouts, have included teams such as St. Peters, Richmond, and New Mexico State.

Furman Paladins are a potential Cinderella team in the 2023 tournament, having ended a 43-year tournament drought. Virginia has had underwhelming tournament results in recent years and is facing strong competition.

Utah State Aggies are a potential Cinderella team in the South Region, shooting 38.5% from beyond the arc. Past Cinderella teams have been known for their 3-point shooting, such as Jimmer Fredette, Steph Curry, and Ali Farokhmanesh.

ACC teams have been underwhelming this season, and teams such as Utah State, Boise State, Iona, and Drake are all capable of pulling off upsets.

Strengths and Matchups

Analysis of the current crop of teams reveals that many have the potential to serve as Cinderella teams due to their respective strengths and matchups. Strengths Matchups
Utah St. 3PT Shooting Missouri
Boise St. Top 100 wins Northwestern
Iona Win streak UConn
Drake Recent perf. Miami

Furman’s offense, Boise State’s wins, Iona’s 14-game streak, and Drake’s recent performance could all be key factors in Cinderella runs. Furman faces Virginia, Utah State takes on Missouri, Boise State could upset Northwestern, Iona could shock UConn, and Drake is an underdog against Miami.

Potential Teams

Several teams have the potential to qualify as Cinderella teams in the upcoming tournament due to their respective strengths and matchups.

Utah State and Boise State have a strong 3-point shooting ability, while Iona has a 14-game win streak. Drake has also seen strong performances lately.

While Miami is the only ACC team to receive an at-large bid, their struggles in key games and failure to win the ACC title suggests fading ACC teams in betting opportunities.

All of these teams are capable of pulling off upsets, and should be watched closely in the upcoming tournament.