Online Bingo, the King of Lottery Games

Invented in the 1920s, bingo has become one of the most successful lottery games, thanks to the easy rules and the sense of community that both traditional and online bingo instill in their players.

The History of Bingo

The idea behind bingo games is simple, yet brilliant: players have to match their cards (numbers printed on 5×5 matrices) against certain randomly drawn lucky numbers. The name of the game comes from the winner’s call of “Bingo!” whenever there is a possible match – and the word has entered the language as a universal cry of pleasant surprise.

The roots of bingo date back to the 16th century, to a popular Italian lottery game. The game spread across Europe and reached France and Germany, where multiple features were added (cards, tokens and reading out the lucky numbers) and the game was used to help educate children. However, the game that led to modern bingo was the French Le Lotto – a game featuring numbers between 1 and 90 displayed in 27 squares.

In 1933, Hugh J. Ward obtained the copyright for Bingo and wrote a rule book for this modern variation of the lottery game. The game became popular at carnivals in Western Pennsylvania before making it across the U.S. A toy merchandiser named Edwin Lowe introduced the game in New York – and the rest is history.

The New Online Era

Once online gaming became a success, the popular game of bingo couldn’t be left out. Online bingo games use a random number generator to draw the lucky numbers instead of the famous bingo hall balls. Moreover, in order to increase the sense of community and excitement characteristic to bingo, online bingo often features live chat among players.

There are several variations in online bingo gaming, such as the number of balls or the pattern that needs to be created (straight line, shape or letter). Moreover, features such as auto-daub and best card sorting make online bingo easier than traditional bingo, all while maintaining the excitement of a game based on pure luck.

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