Mega-money signing for Chelsea to give a message to Barcelona


The departure of Neymar Barcelona was surprising and breaking news for the world of football. Middle East money from the French Paris-Saint Germain giants smashed the game’s all-time transfer record at a fee of EUR 222 million. Fans and pundits of the game strongly criticised the change. As an act of ambition, it was speculated on.

As Neymar suggested a transfer from Camp Nou, Barcelona had a terrifying front three. By that time, MSN’s (Messi, Suarez, Neymar) attacking potential was at its peak. It was Lionel Messi’s supremacy that made the Brazilian think of a pass.

The name of Neymar was added to the list for the 2020 transfer market. Giovane Elber, a former Brazilian striker, opposes the possibility of Neymar returning to Barcelona and prefers Chelsea as an appropriate destination. Rumors regarding the prospect of his return to Barca are circulating across Europe. Also in Spain, Lionel Messi hailed the player’s service and the time they spent together. Together with the future Kylian Mbappe, the PSG camp uses the maximum striker in the attack.

Neymar always wished to be the club’s No.1 and by tracing past, the wish always faced difficulties. Paris is the 28-year-old star ‘s third club in his professional career. He shadowed the great Leo in Barcelona and the French World Cup champion Mbappe in Paris.

The MOVE Dream

Brazilian Elber opens up Chelsea’s chances of signing a Neymar mega-money contract in the summer window.

Neymar is one of the top five footballers on the planet now available, and he’s put behind Messi and Ronaldo. Obviously, the elite personal honour of the Ballon D’or game is the player ‘s goal. He travelled to France in pursuit of that. He was well aware of the impossibility of playing next to Messi to win the Ballon D’or in Barca.

He has now obtained a revelation about another honour prerequisite, which is the continental championship. Over the last five years, Paris has been chasing the Champions League. They are desperate to win domestic titles and Les Parisiens will be content with winning the European cup.

He now knows the least chance of winning UCL in Paris, and with either Barcelona or Real Madrid, it is only possible. In the transfer window, this makes the conversations solid.


In their wishlist as of now, Frank Lampard’s Blues did not include PSG superstar Neymar. The Brazilian’s playing style is not in line with Lampard’s game plans. With the set of youngsters he got, he is proposing more speedy blackjack or poker games. In the formation of Stamford Bridge, as per current conditions, there is also no room for such a superstar as Neymar.

Even, entry into the Premier League will not fulfil the Brazilian ‘s hopes. The rivalry is more difficult in England and Chelsea’s struggles for the European title are not easy compared to the Spanish giants. Meanwhile, in the money portion of the contract, the privilege of the name will stay the same and Chelsea won’t be able to approve such a huge sum. Neymar ‘s reaction to the transfer talks is unclear and PSG has not discussed the player ‘s departure to date.

Elber ‘s statement is just an analysis, and in essence it is more ideal. The partnership between Barca and the Brazilian is also stated and it justifies the lower probability of his return to Catalonia.